Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Resolutions..

Well, still not to late for me to Welcome 2010.. Happy New Year to all ladies and gentleman..... hehe..

Wo.. 2010 ialah tahun yang bermakna.. big day event will be this year.. soon to end up single life.. The countdown is getting close.. With less than 3 months to marry Sharan Izian Binti Mohd Rom.. Debaran kian terasa.. huhu.. Feel nervous but at the same time feel so happy... can't wait for the big day of my life.. i'm gonna eat you... heh heh heh..

So, when talk about new year of coz will think about azam tahun baru..
Hm, lets see what are my resolutions for 2010..

1. Menstabilkan kewangan after married.. Money management to financial freedom.
2. Try to settlekan debt one by one, especially debt from credit card.
3. Helping my mum from the factor of financial.
4. Travel to another country.. jalan-jalan cari makan.
5. Build up otot-otot kat body.. 6 packs kat perut.... hehe..
6. Start to making money.. part time and business..
7. Success dengan kerja kat office..
8. Nak lebih mendalami ilmu agama dan rumahtangga.
9. Menjadi suami yang pandai menjaga, mendidik dan menyayangi isteri.
10. Planning for kids... TWIN~

Hunting the list one by one.. We will see bebeh..
All my best~


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^eazy^ said...

hOhO.. nak makan i tue??
TWINS?? mane nk cari sygku.. both of us xde that gens.. hehe..