Monday, December 22, 2008

Anniversary dinner at KL Tower..

Last weekend on Saturday, 20th of December 2008, i and my girlfriend went to the KL Tower to have dinner at there.. That was a special dinner because it was our first anniversary as a couple.. i already booked the table for two person since last two weeks before our anniversary that supposedly on 15th of December 2008.. It was really a great day.. I left my home from Subang USJ at 5.45pm and went straight to my girlfriend house at PutraHeights and arrived there around 6.05pm.. Then i picked up my girlfriend at her house.. i saw her at the front door.. and i was so amazed with her new dress.. she was really pretty with that dress.. The black and white color on her dress.. with black earring.. and diamond heart necklace that i gave to her long time ago.. with her hair ikat pusing like that (i love it).. and a little touch up at her face.. Plus with her new high heel black and white shoes she wore time inside my car.. Yeah.. she looked gorgeous that night and she is really cute..

I knew that i was already late and its going to be rain that evening.. Yeah.. not so long after that.. the rain start to fall.. Our dinner supposedly start at 6.30pm... Damn.. the rain make the traffic became worst.. But luckly we sempat sampai sana.. hehe.. around 6.50pm kitorang sampai... So i parked my car there kat tepi jalan.. and went straight to the front counter.. so orang kat counter checked my reservation and yups.. got my name at there.. so they gave me two ticket and showed me the way to the lift.. Then kitorg naik lift... huhu.. laju giler lift dia.. usualy lift show 1st floor, 2nd floor and etc.. but lift kat KL Tower ni pelik sikit.. start from 0 meter, then 50 meter, then 100 meter and until lah 280 meter.. so sampailah kitorang kat Restaurant Berputar Seri Angkasa KL Tower.. Perghhhh... Giler exclusive this place.. Our ticket pun ada tulis VIP.. hahaha..

Got one usher show us our table.. Lucky we got place beside the window.. The view was so beautiful.. We can see satu Kuala Lumpur dari atas sana... Really really really nice up there.. At first, i planned to watch the sunset from up there.. but unlucky, because of the rain.. matahari pun dah tak nampak walaupun time tu baru pukul 6.45pm.. The place ala-ala romantik jugek.. atas meja got a roses.. and lampu kat situ pun gelap-gelap jep.. Kira macam candle light dinner lah... Romantik tu tempat dia...

So after we sat at our table.. without waste the time, we went to take the food.. Perut pun lapar giler time tu.. since evening didn't eat much sebab nak lahap banyak-banyak time dinner ni.. There got 3 booth to take the food.. western food, malay-india-chinnese food and booth for dessert... First we went at western food.. Tengok jep makanan pun dah terkecur air liur... semua pun marvellous and delicious food dia.. The food was really tahap 5 stars.. Udang semua besar-besar, got kambing panggang, sushi, shark fin, sate, and macam-macam lagi.. Feel like want to makan semua banyak-banyak sampai perut kembung.. There lots of food variety with all style of masakan.. Giler best... My girlfriend also ate much that night.. Totaly forgot all the diet and exercise she did.. hahaha..

A few pictures about the food:

Sweet Memory:

After makan-makan and saw the view of Kuala Lumpur and took the pictures.. Then i bangun and pergi sit next to my girlfriend.. Then i grab her hand and said to her, "honey, will you marry me?" hehehe.. Then my girlfriend answer, "Yes, i do.. ".. ngeeeeee.. after that i pinjam cincin kat jari dia.. then i sarungkan kat jari dia semula.. hahaha.. segan jugek sebab ada orang lain ramai kat meja sebelah and kat sekeliling meja... even not so serious coz ada gelak-gelak time i said those sentence, but still she already accepted my propose.. yessss.. So dah boleh kahwin dah after this.. yeayehhh..

The Anniversary gift from her:
Suddenly my girlfriend said that she had something to gave me.. It was an anniversary gift.. She took out something from her handbag and gave me a box.. That box got a heart shape.. Nice lah that kotak hadiah tu.. huhu.. I'm quite surprised lah.. I opened the box slowly and jeng.. jeng.. jeng... The present was actually a jigsaw puzzle.. Thank you honey.. don't worry.. i like your gift and i said to her, balik nanti i will sambung-sambungkan jigsaw tu.. (kat umah, after completedkan jigsaw tu baru find out yang actually jigsaw puzzle tu ialah gambar kitorg berdua with some word at there like happy anniversary.. I like it.. and really appreaciate it..)

So, after that kitorang abiskan masa dengan berborak-borak.. Lebih kurang pukul 9.45pm.. Nak makan pun dah tak larat lagi.. perut semua dah kembung.. then its time to go back.. I went to the cashier and paid the bill and before we went down naik lift.. we took some pictures around the restaurant.. and thats all.. That is what happened that night.. Everything went smooth.. syukur Alhamdulillah.. completed story of our anniversary dinner at KL Tower.. even the price to have dinner at there quite expensive.. but still worth it to go there.. It was really a great experience and will bring the sweet memory to both of us.. I was so happy because i can have dinner with my lovely girlfriend at a very special place.. All this kenangan manis kita berdua will be remember sampai bila-bila pun... ..

Sayang honeydew and love you always.. :-)

P/S: Check out my girlfriend blog also about this dinner..

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^eazy^ said...

ahakz,thanx sweet of u..rely a great u so much..i edy promise u dat i will mkn, my diet and exercise are totally out of mind(sbnarnye xdiet pon..hehe)..a purfect anniversary dinner from me..

seri said...

hi there.
actually i found your blog by typing candle light dinner. it's for my fiance's birthday, i plan to make it at kl tower too. i really like to know how much is the rate there..

Anonymous said...

salam bro, berapa ko berabis mkn kat kl tower nih?mhl x? kat ctu ader buffet jer ke?

MikaH LuzD said...

Salam ermm...gengs, lau nk book yg tros de makann lehx?huhu

MikaH LuzD said...

Salam ermm...gengs, lau nk book yg tros de makann lehx?huhu